MODERN WEEKLY // / by sophie green

Cowboy Country is a documentation of the subculture of western riders in the UK for Modern Weekly Magazine. A world away from the Great Plains of Texas and Wyoming is a whole community of British cowboys and cowgirls, cantering across the countryside in Devon, Kent and beyond. British western riders are – like their American counterparts – stetson and spur-sporting horse enthusiasts opting for a livelier alternative to conventional, demure English riding and are watched by raucous crowds at competition arenas around the country. Riders love to dress up and win marks for good presentation at competitions. There are staples in western fashion - fringed chaps, bright sequined shirts, high-waisted jeans, chunky jewel encrusted belts - but from season to season the desirable colours, patterns and styles morph. The sport is not only much more gender inclusive, drawing in lots of young women, but it also allows the horses to show off spectacular tricks and carries with it a deep-rooted sense of togetherness and community. Cowboy Country was created in collaboration with stylist Adam Winder and journalist Ellie Harrison. Out now.