Adidas x Parley // / by sophie green

‘Blue’ – my response to a brief from Adidas in collaboration with Parley, a platform that encourages discussion around the fragility of the ocean via creative collaborations to help raise awareness of the global threats towards our oceans and find solutions to end the destruction.

No one can deny the elemental beauty of our oceans, a beauty and purity that is symbolically and universally represented by the colour blue. However, we need to open our eyes to the fact that the oceans we love are slowly being destroyed by our over consumption and casual disposal of plastics.

There’s a strange irony in creating art out of the plastic rubbish that is slowly destroying our oceans. As a photographer I’m compelled to find beauty in everything I see. I have explored the colour blue, in combination with the abstracted beauty of everyday abandoned plastic materials, to create a psychological tension between the two. The visual power of the images intend to form a powerful reminder of the beauty of the ocean that we all have a duty to protect.

I hope that these images will somehow engage the viewer to confront the shocking reality of marine plastic pollution and ultimately ignite a desire to act responsibly to ensure the health of our planet for future generations.