SOLSTICE // / by sophie green

‘Solstice’ is one of the oldest celebrations in the world, marking the shortest day and the longest night of the year and takes place twice each year at the prehistoric monument, Stonehenge, an icon of England where visitors from all over the world gather to witness and be part of an age-old ritual.

Since ancient times, people have celebrated the ‘Solstice’ and observed it with many different cultural and religious traditions. Druids, pagans, revellers and others descend on Stonehenge to watch the sunrise, pray, meditate and perform rituals through which they affirm their deep spiritual connection with nature, honour their Gods and celebrate the seasonal festivals of the turning year. Typically this following doesn’t have manmade places of worship, they believe that religious ceremonies are best conducted outdoors - in woods, caves, on hilltops or by the sea. Celebrations include meditation, chanting, music, prayer, dance, poetry reading, drama performances as well as the sharing of food and drink.

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