I photographed collectors who participate in extreme collections in Tokyo for the first issue of the recently launched Japanese magazine 'Partners'.

Yomoko -
“Since I was very young I have always liked fancy things. My grandmother used to take me out and buy me all kinds of toys, she liked teddy bears and all cute things. It's
all her influence."

Shirutaro -
I like looking at the CD jacket and thinking ‘man, that’s cool’. It’s really my hobby. There’s something to be said for having something physical. It makes me feel good just knowing it’s there."

Yamada -
“I like to look at the patterns of stones
and their natural shapes. A lot of stones are homogeneous and aren’t very colorful but there are actually a surprising number in the world that have diverse colors and shapes. Stone collectors tend to be seen as freaks for doing something so useless, but it’s no different from the way people are drawn in by paintings or ceramics."