DENTED PRIDE - OUT NOW // / by sophie green

‘Dented Pride’ is a series of Banger and Stock car surface abstractions and was shot in conjunction with my series ‘Bangers & Smash’ which focuses on the Stock Car and Banger racing subculture.

This racing community creatively liberate spare car parts to reconstruct vehicles purposefully stripped of glass, airbags and interior comforts, leaving behind the bare necessities of the car so they can race across the finish line as fast as possible. Once a banger is destroyed, the parts that are rectifiable are salvaged and the rest is sent to scrap. The most notorious and highly anticipated race is the ‘Destruction Derby’ where cars are encouraged to smash into each other - the winner is the last car in motion. 

Where some would maybe just see damage and destruction - I saw beauty in the dented, scratched and textured surfaces of the car exteriors. Covered in funny and charming slogans, including nicknames and messages to girlfriends, each car forms a unique work of art in its own individualistic way. As the cars compete, the wear and tear builds layer upon layer as a result of the collisions and crashes creating new compositions which are made completely by chance.

'Dented Pride' published by Ditto in collaboration with LAW Magazine, supported by Carhartt, is a limited edition of ten A2 high gloss prints, housed in a screen-printed metallic cover and vacuum sealed. Edition of 300, November 2016.

See the full series on my website.