Gypsy Gold - Fotografia Magazine // / by sophie green

Fotografia Magazine interview me on my series 'Gypsy Gold'. Check out the feature here; "The main calendar events of the Traveller world are horse fairs. The lives of horses and gypsies have always been strongly intertwined going right back to their very origins as Travellers. Whilst nowadays cars and modern caravans have largely replaced the traditional horse and cart, the horse still remains an integral part of the Travellers’ DNA. I felt the horse fairs would provide me with an interesting window into Traveller culture and a different environment to that normally featured in photographs of gypsies—their campsites often being a large focus. Communities on the fringe of mainstream society are fascinating to me because they have their own rules and moral code. At the fairs, horses are traded, girls search for husbands and friends and family from far and wide reunite. I love the vibrancy and colors of the fairs, they are totally mesmerizing—you can find incredible faces, theatrical outfits, traditional carts, gleaming horses, cockerel fights, singing birds and fortune-tellers. Whilst shooting I often felt like I had gone back in time. I became obsessed with the small details: fashion, makeup, eyebrows, hairstyles, market fakes, leather, bits and whips. It’s a series of fun incidentals which create a visual story."