Tomorrow's People - Priscilla // / by sophie green

"I got kicked out of school and I had to stay at home for a long time which meant I spent a lot of time with my family. My mum would always be getting on to me about different things. I was always being compared to my older brothers and sisters - who were doing great at school and at uni and I felt like everyone was against me. I was really angry about a lot of things, I needed help and I knew it, which is why I agreed to work with Tomorrow’s People.

I changed schools which was a distraction and something to look forward to instead of always going home and arguing with my family. If you focus on school or focus on something you enjoy, in the future it will benefit you and your life. I’m much happier now I’ve started doing art and focusing on it much more than everything else. I’ve made mistakes but maybe if I had listened to my mum more and if I didn’t get myself into all the drama of secondary school then I wouldn’t of had so many problems with my family.

I would most like to do something in fashion design and marketing and I think that if I keep working hard enough I could be really successful. I want to be independent and make my own money and earn my own house. I would like to go to uni, all my siblings have done it and have been successful. I’m much more confident now and much more mature. I can speak out more instead of bottling it in and this gets the problem out the way. I couldn’t even talk to my friends about my problems, I felt like I could talk to my coach more than my friends. Tomorrow's People have always given me opportunities, they always involved me in things and showed me that they really cared and because of that I am so grateful."

Portrait // Priscilla, Edmonton, London. 17.