Tomorrow's People - Charlotte // / by sophie green

"I think I can say that I have felt every possible emotion that a young person can go through. I’ve been happy, sad, confused, heartbroken, lost and hurt. I was bullied at school. It took everything out of me. I was so upset and crying all the time. I just wanted to end my life because it wasn’t worth living. I wish I had stuck up for myself more but I didn’t have the confidence. I didn’t understand why I was getting bullied, I didn’t understand what I had done wrong to deserve it. It put me off wanting to meet people my own age because most of them weren’t nice to me.

I think if you have problems you should talk about it straight away because then you’re not constantly on edge and worried. It makes me feel good that I can help people and talk to them about my experiences and how I helped my situation and it might inspire them to want to do something about theirs. I am able to act as a role model now and say ‘I know how you feel’. I hope it can make them feel like they could speak up. I love helping people, that’s why I want to be a policewoman.

I’m in a much better place than I was all those years ago. If I hadn’t been bullied in school and if I didn’t leave college when I did, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I am so proud of myself for achieving so much. My favorite quote is: “Never let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game.” This quote taught me that even if people are being negative to you don’t let it stop you doing what you want.

My journey being at Tomorrow’s People has been amazing; I have had the best time meeting new people and now I have more confidence than I ever thought possible. For the first time in a very long time people have accepted me for who I am and not judged me. Tomorrow’s People taught me that it’s ok to be who you want to be. They were patient, positive and honest with me. I’m back in college and in a job that I love, so thank you to everyone who helped me come this far. It means the world."

Portrait // Charlotte, Brighton. 19.

Portrait // Charlotte, Brighton. 19.