No 1 - 'I am Sophie Green' // Sophie Green, Fareham. / by sophie green

I studied Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion. My third year final major project idea was to produce a portrait series of people who share my name. I started the project, entitled ‘I am Sophie Green’, in December 2011 and it is ongoing.

I am intrigued by the randomness of a name and whether there are other levels of connection. Despite our social, ideological and age differences we all have an inherent connection through sharing the same name. I’m curious about the lives and existence of the other Sophie Greens. I made contact through social networking sites and by online searches. I have photographed people all over England. My own self-portrait is also part of the series.

The series has an almost random, ‘as found’ feel but has in fact been a highly controlled process. I treated each person as a subject that I could direct and guide to create an emotional and enigmatic portrait.

Sophie at home.

Portrait //  Sophie Green, 20, Fareham, Student Teacher, 2012.

Portrait //  Sophie Green, 20, Fareham, Student Teacher, 2012.